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The Walking Dead Volume 17: Time of Fear

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    Rick and the others are suddenly face to face with Negan and his gang. And it doesn't quite go the way anyone thought it would...

    Foreword by Joakim Palmkvist

    "On a low count, there are today close to 100 criminal gangs or networks in Sweden. Extortion — also between the gangs — is one of three major sources of income for them. The other two are drugs and fraud and theft or embezzlement. How much money in total? At least one billion a year.

    Today's blackmailers, or "protectors", do not work alone, but by virtue of their numbers and their symbolism. Through the colors of the vest's back print, for example, as with the Hells Angels or Bandidos.

    This is one of the most heinous categories of crime, because it is so difficult to protect against, based on the right of the strong, and for every blackmail penny paid, the poisoning spreads further in the social system.

    In other words, Robert Kirkman raises a universal and damning pressing problem by showing what Rick and his protégés have to deal with."

    - Joakim Palmkvist


    "I started reading with high expectations and was hardly disappointed, The Walking Dead is one of the best series I've read. The black-and-white format is stylish and extremely neat, and the creators have a quality of keeping the tension of the story constantly intact." - Jonatan Rosenberg,

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    Measure 169 x 258 x 11 mm
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    Released 2016-04-27
    Page count 144
    Series The Walking Dead
    Weight 427 g
    Media type Stapled
    ISBN 9789187877179
    Language Swedish
    Title The Walking Dead Volume 17. Time of Fear
    Preface Joakim Palmkvist
    Translator Sara Arestedt
    Author Robert Kirkman
    Editor Johan Kimrin
    Illustrator Charlie Adlard

    Apart Publishers