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Valhalla: The Collected Saga 3

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    Valhall is a comic adventure series that tells about the myths of the Old Norse Asa gods. Among other things, it has been compared to Asterix.

    The books collect the classic adventures - in new translation - three by three together with around 50 pages of extra material, where the work behind the series is presented and the original myths are reproduced.

    This third volume contains the adventures The Serpent in the Deep, Freya's Jewelry and The Great Challenge.

    Valhalla: The Collected Saga 3 is the third volume of 5.

    This volume contains the adventures:

    1. The Serpent in the Deep
    2. Freya's jewelry
    3. The big challenge


    “Is truly a masterpiece with a magnificent story, lovely characters and fantastic visuals”


  • Information

    Language Swedish
    Publishers Apart Publishing AB
    Media type Bound
    ISBN 9789187877339
    Series Valhalla: The Collected Saga 3
    Title Valhalla: The Collected Saga 3
    Released 2016-01-01
    Measure 227 x 300 x 24 mm
    Illustrator Peter Madsen
    Author Cure Henning
    Author Peter Madsen
    Page count 193
    Weight 1223 g

    Apart Publishers