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Creative Challenge - Slutresultat av Linn-Marie Edlund, Tema: Goblin

Creative Challenge - Final result by Linn-Marie Edlund, Theme: Goblin

Group 1 has finished their creative challenge and we are excited to present to you their final photos of the character created. The theme for their challenge was to create a mischievous little goblin in clay. A goblin with magical abilities that lives in the deep dark forests of Helsinglight. When we have presented the final work by every creative challenger/contestant in group 1 we will announce the winner of the group that will advance and compete in the finals later on.

Would you like to be part of our creative challenge? There are still a few spots available!

The Forest Goblin by Linn-Marie Edlund

Snurg – The Forest Goblin

That stone, it glows for me.
That stone is mine you see.
Snurg hides under log and stone
Snurg keeps treasures under the throne

Snurg, not really like others. Prefer to collect what glitters and glimmers.
Under tufts and small fir trees you can find it's treasures.
When the snow has thawed you can hear small small steps and if you leave something out of sight, then Snurg is there to find.
Children's marbles are a favourite, but also the first dew of the day.

- Linn-Marie Edlund

"I have never ever done something even close to this before. But it have been such a great experience. I have always wanted to work more with my hands and this was so much fun. I'm smitten and I just ordered some more clay."

Linn-Marie Edlund
instagram: @linnmarie_edlund

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