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Creative Challenge - Slutresultat av Stephanie Madsen, Tema: ekorre, grupp 2

Creative Challenge - Final result by Stephanie Madsen, Theme: squirrel, group 2

Group 2 has finished their creative challenge and we are excited to present to you their final photos of the character created. The theme for their challenge was to create a mischievous, crafty little squirrel in clay. A squirrel with magical abilities that lives in the deep dark forests of Helsinglight. When we have presented the final work by every creative challenger/contestant in group 2 we will announce the winner of the group that will advance and compete in the finals later on.

– The mischievous, crafty little squirrel “Eksköld” by Stephanie Madsen

Once again, this was a very tough decision for the Helsinglight judges. We really had to go over all of the squirrels and storytelling over and over again. This was such a difficult task - all of the squirrels were awesome characters that the 4 challengers created in this group (1 challenger had to drop out of the competition due to personal reasons). We're so very impressed with all of your creative work! Such high standard on all of your work!! Wow!😍

When finally making the decision, our jury found that Stephanie had paid a lot of attention to details and capturing a great motion in her squirrel that was exciting and made it look very real and true to her storytelling. She had also put a lot of attention to creating fitting attributes for her character as well as a great storytelling inspired by the story of Ratatoskr to describe her squrriel Eksköld. With her sculpture she captured the magical feeling of a Helsinglight fantasy squirrel and she also created a very beautiful art installation incorporating pieces of nature in her final presentation.

Congratulations Stephanie, we’re excited to see what you will create in the finals of Helsinglight Creative Challenge! 


All in all, Awsome idea - Awsome theme - Awsome material. I am very thankful that you have taken the time to create this challenge!



The squirrel Eksköld runs with messages from the top to the bottom of The tree of life, Yggdrasil. He is mysterious, tricky and maybe even magical? He loves to spread rumors between gods, humans and giants*.
Some has heard stories that says, that Eksköld is the half-god Loki, in a squirrel hide. Others think that he is brother to the half-giants Hate, Skoll and Månegarm.
Right now Eksköld runs from another of his victims, which* key he has stolen. What is the key for - you might wonder?
It is the key to the creativity itself, and made by the sons of Ivaldi, Eitri and Brokkr. Eksköld has been jealous of them ever since they created the arm ring Draupnir, the boar Gullinbursti and the hammer Mjölnir for the gods. Eksköld wishes to control who has the creativity to create!(For all eternity).

For one thing the enemies of old “the eagle” and “the snake” have in common, is hate and a very very good memory. So one morning, the screams of Ratatosk woke up all living things …. and some dead on Yggdrasil the world tree. This was the morning when Ratatosks days as an giggling oral messenger ended and his days as a skribiling parchment, a living rune stone, a runner and jumper of bloody messages carved in all over his agile body started.

Stephanie Madsen
instagram: @fenris_creations

Mat 16 2020 at 1:32pm

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