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Creative Challenge - Slutresultat av Hannes Rhodin, Tema: Ekorre, grupp 2

Creative Challenge - Final result by Hannes Rhodin, Theme: Squirrel, group 2

Group 2 has finished their creative challenge and we are excited to present to you their final photos of the character created. The theme for their challenge was to create a mischievous, crafty little squirrel in clay. A squirrel with magical abilities that lives in the deep dark forests of Helsinglight. When we have presented the final work by every creative challenger/contestant in group 2 we will announce the winner of the group that will advance and compete in the finals later on.

The mischievous, crafty little squirrel “Ratatosk” by Hannes Rhodin


Ratatosk the the beautiful red squirrel who loved intrigue. The life of Ratatosk was a good one, the squirrel on the world tree Yggdrasil. Running, jumping up and down with ill words and mokings between the enemies of old. In the crown of the tree sat the great eagle. Under the tree crawled the poisonous snake and Ratatosk was in the middle. This for Ratatosk was pure joy, to spread mischief and lies back and forth. And of course adding his own giggling flavor and drama to the messages. His life would have been a happy one, if not he had such a very very bad memory.

For one thing the enemies of old “the eagle” and “the snake” have in common, is hate and a very very good memory. So one morning, the screams of Ratatosk woke up all living things …. and some dead on Yggdrasil the world tree. This was the morning when Ratatosks days as an giggling oral messenger ended and his days as a skribiling parchment, a living rune stone, a runner and jumper of bloody messages carved in all over his agile body started.

- Hannes Rhodin


I’m old, and bored of playing safe. Time to grow....I have found that challenge, discomfort, grind and failing is the way. So I could not say no to a creative challenge. 🙂


Hannes Rhodin
instagram: @hannesrhodin

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