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Emma Dzakula Karlsson - Ny medarbetare på Helsinglight

Emma Dzakula Karlsson - New Co-worker at Helsinglight

This week I am going to introduce myself. My name is Emma Dzakula Karlsson and I have been working at Helsinglight for a few weeks. I am originally from Stockholm and moved to Hudiksvall with my family about 5 years ago. I am a nurse with a specialist degree and have worked for more than 10 years in public healthcare. Last year, however, I decided to change direction and after another further education, DK clinic was born.

Despite my more academic education, there lives an aesthetic in me. I have always sung, danced, drawn, written and created. Although I cannot in any way call myself an artist, I enjoy creative processes and I love creating holistic concepts of all kinds. I have a weakness for the dark, magical and theatrical and during my aesthetic heyday King Diamond was my great idol. Although I give myself less room for this today (Mom is extra happy that I no longer have corps paint and leather skirt), the need for creative expression lives on, sometimes more forcefully and physically tangible.

But how did this girl from Stockholm ended up at Helsinglight?

I met Petra Shara Stoor a few years ago after the vocal group Dimmerar`yn posted a request for a new member on social media. With my roots in the rock n roll, this kind of vocal singing was something completely new, but given the shivers - partly of the singing - but maybe most of all of the hole concept, I knew I had landed in my right element. I also got the pleasure of participating in Midvinterglöd twice before the glowing faded. The first year I was completely taken aback by the size of this event. It was a whole new, alternative world that had been built up, that was tailor made for what my mind longed for. I still miss the magic that was created.

Being a part of Helsinglight gives me the satisfaction of being a small part of something very big. A place for alternative expression and free creation. A place for me to enjoy.

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