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Välkomna Amfiria - vår första alternativa artist in residence

Welcoming Amfiria - our first alternative artist in residence

We’re so excited to introduce and welcome Amfiria - the very first artist to visit and stay at Helsinglight AAiR - Alternative Artist in Residence! Amfiria hails from Istebna, southern Poland and she’s been painting since a young age, on every possible surface… Amfiria has mainly been creating fantasy art which slowly turned into automotive topics however, constantly experimenting, trying to express herself on different artistic ground. We’re thrilled to welcome Amfiria to Helsinglight AAiR!

Launch of Helsinglight AAiR test group in May 2019

We’re going through all applications sent to us to be part of the test group and we’re in the process of selecting a handful of artists from various parts of the world and within various genres to try our Alternative Artist in Residence out. We invited creative people to apply to be part of a test group to help us create the best creative resort and oasis we can for artists, culture workers, entrepreneurs, game designers, researchers, musicians, photographers, writers, dancers, performers, alternative and magical lifestyle seekers and enjoyers etc etc…this is just the beginning for our beloved Helsinglight!

Artist Amfiria - The first to try our Alternative Artist in Residence out

Amfiria will be the first artist to try our Helsinglight AAiR out, but she has also got a great interest in FX Art and will start her Helsinglight adventure with taking part in the 10-day Silicone Mask Making Workshop first 2-12th May. When the FX workshop finishes she will be trying Helsinglight AAiR out and explore more creativity and possibly work in a collaboration with FX artist/Skull artist and owner of Helsinglight Petra Shara Stoor.

The AAiR-studio is currently undergoing major renovations and we’re running a bit behind schedule with all the work that needs to be done, but w'e’re keeping fingers crossed we’ve finished parts of the apartment in time. One way or another she will try the apartment out before her stay is over. Patience and finding creative solutions will be part of the test :P

We asked Amfiria to tell us a bit about what she’s looking forward to and to tell us and you all a bit more about herself and to share some of her work with us. This is what she said:

Q&A for Amfiria

Q: Tell us Amfiria, why did you apply to be part of our test group for Helsinglight AAiR?

A: When I saw on facebook your AAiR "advert" I though - that's a awesome initiative! I didn't wait long and I send it to all my friends who might be interested about it. It takes me few days when I though.. maybe I should apply as well.....? I was planning to go to Canada same time for one year.. but.. oh well.. That sounds like something for me, I always dream about my own artistic residence where I can invite artists, organize art camps and work together.. I believe in destiny so .... you only live once…

Q: What are you looking forward to at Helsinglight?

A: I’m looking forward to meet other artists, make new friends, change opinions, discuss about art, get inspired, learn new techniques, create something I never have opportunity or time to and maybe relax a bit (for me it means creative activities all days anyway - but without all of responsibilities left at home ;) I'm hoping to have fun, create something nice, have new friends and of course leave something unique, inspired by Helsinglight after my stay there.

Q: What are you hoping this creative experience at Helsinglight will give you?

A: I would like to stay there because not long ago I decide to start another chapter in my life. After long years of non artistic full time job in England I wish to make up for all of that lost time - and do what I really love - totally sacrifice for art. Clear the mind, recharge the batteries. Change of environment will help for sure. I love to travel, visit places, meet people, learn new things so I believe it will be great experience.

Amfiria - Artist Biography

Hey, I’m am Amfiria, it’s just Amfi for friends. I’m from Istebna, southern Poland. I've been painting since I was young, on every possible surface... I’ve been self-taught always dealing with many fields of art. I am a member of Art Association "Brzimy" and studied Art at Silesian University. I participated in many Art Camps in Poland as well as abroad. My works were involved in many exhibitions in Poland as well as in Hungary, Italy and Greece. As being an artist, I have always been looking for the field of art, which suits me the most and is the most inspiring. I have been mainly creating fantasy art which slowly turned into automotive topics however, constantly experimenting, trying to express myself on different artistic ground.

I used to do a lot of murals and oil painting. Over the last 20 years, I did a lot of sculptures, plaster reliefs, graphic designs and OOAK dolls. My works are mainly in private collections, in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, England and Canada. I am enthusiastic about motoring which, I think suits the most regarding what, I have been creating.

For many years, I have been creating psychedelic bunnies and succeeded with them. In the beginning of 2018, I completed pinstriping course which was a great opportunity for new possibilities. Since that time I exhibited my works at many different Custom Shows and related events, in which, I was successful and received positive feedback. Now, I deal mainly with the broadly understood fields of Custom Culture and have been trying to combine newly learned skills with my style and putting good old oldschool art in to it too.

Amfiria - Social Channels


*Kulturbryggan (Kulturbryggan is an alternative financier which, by allocating grants to projects, will promote renewal and development in the cultural area throughout the country)

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