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Our classes in FX makeup and special effects.

Helsinglight FX Academy - A makeup school with classes in SFX makeup, masks, and special effects

At Helsinglight FX Makeup Academy in beautiful Sweden, you'll learn to create everything from scary zombies to fantasy creature silicone masks and FX prosthetics. Our makeup school offers short courses, intensive boot camps, and longer programs in SFX makeup, masks, and special effects. In our shop, you'll find high-quality FX products so that you can continue creating with FX makeup on your own.

Our informative courses in special effects are suitable for both beginners and experienced makeup artists, cosplayers, LARPers, film enthusiasts, and more. We offer courses in Swedish, English, and Finnish and are the only makeup school in Sweden to offer a unique education in creating full masks with silicone. Stay on-site at our old school, surrounded by inspiring nature, for a unique, creative, and unforgettable experience.

Book your spot now in one of our courses and learn how to create spooky monsters and magical creatures with FX makeup at Helsinglight! 

Våra Kurser

Learn how to create fantasy creature silicone masks in 10 days!


Soon our popular 10-day silicone mask making course starts! Few spots left! 
Course starts: : 
May 4-14 2023!

Book your spot now!





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