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Grimas Nose Wax

by Grimas
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Colour: Skin tone
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  • Description
  • Features
  • Usage
  • Description

    Grimas Nose Wax is a kneadable material that is used to create different kinds of deformations on the nose or cheek, for example to change the shape of the nose or make warts etc. If you are going to apply to moving parts of the skin, we recommend that you use Grimas Derma Wax for that purpose instead. Nose Wax comes finished in a skin tone, but you can color it further with Grimas Crème Make-up Pure or Camouflage Make-up Pure if you wish. Grimas Nose Wax is supplied in a 60 ml package.

  • Features

    • 60 ml
    • Finished skin tone, light, kneadable
    • Good adhesion and color.
    • Forms easily and sits well on the skin
    • Change the shape of the nose, make warts and more
  • Usage


    1. Apply Nose Wax to clean and grease-free skin. Do not use skin cream where you are going to apply wax. For extra adhesion, clean the skin first with Cleansing Lotion .
    2. Warm and knead the Nose Wax so that it becomes soft, but do not hold it in your hands for too long so that it becomes sticky. It adheres better to the skin then. Feel free to put a little Vaseline on your fingers and tools so it will be easier to apply Nose Wax to the desired area.
    3. Form a ball with your fingers and press firmly on the desired spot on the face, note: do not rub. Be careful to get nice edges where wax transitions to skin.
    4. Once you have achieved the desired shape, smooth it with either Cleansing Cream or Vaseline.
    5. You can add skin texture, for example, by lightly pressing the wax with a "beard sponge" or similar.
    6. Powder your shape before applying nose wax makeup.
    7. Apply the desired color with Grimas Crème Make-up Pure or Camouflage Make-up Pure . If you want a more durable surface, you can also add a few thin layers of latex over what you created with wax. Use fingers or sponge. Powder the latex surface when it has dried. If you used latex, then use rubber mask grease makeup products for applying makeup instead.


    1. Remove the wax by gently scraping it off with a spatula
    2. Finish with cotton lightly moistened with Grimas Multi Remover to remove residues on the skin.


    • Store Grimas Nose Wax dry, dark and cool