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NärCon närmar sig - köp dina cosplay-linser från Helsinglight!
July 7, 2023 Petra Shara Stoor

Get your cosplay lenses from Helsinglight!

Transform your look with colored effect lenses! Create an awesome look with our wide range of colored lenses, crazy lenses, and scleral lenses. Find the perfect pair for your cosplay. Explore our selection of red, black, white, cat eye, bloodshot devil eye, scleral, crazy, and UV lenses. Effortlessly change your appearance and radiate a different vibe every day. Don't forget lens care with solution. Discover your perfect effect and cosplay lenses today!
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  • House of Helsinglight - mitt ute i ett kreativt överallt
    December 29, 2017 Petra Shara Stoor

    House of Helsinglight - in the middle of creative everywhere

    Helsinglight - A creative haven in the heart of Hälsingland, Sweden. Explore and experience unique artwork and events. Helsinglight SFX Makeup Academy Helsinglight SFX Makeup Academy is based in Nordanstig municipality in the mid north of Sweden. We organise our 10-day creative silicone mask making workshops.
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